Scheme of Study

BS Mechanical Engineering Roadmap

Course CodeCourse TitleLec. HrsLab. HrsSCH
ENGL1119Communication Skills303
PHYS1123Engineering Physics202
PHYS1223Engineering Physics Lab011
CHEM1120Engineering Chemistry202
MEEN1101Engineering Drawing & Graphics202
MEEN1201Engineering Drawing & Graphics Lab011
MATH1121Calculus & Analytical Geometry303
MEEN1102Engineering Statics303
MEEN1202Engineering Statics Lab011
MEEN1104Engineering Materials202
ABCDwxyzSocial Sciences / University Elective203
MEEN1105Engineering Dynamics303
MEEN1205Engineering Dynamics Lab011
MEEN 1208Workshop Practice022
MATH1140Linear Algebra & Differential Equations303
MEEN2116Computer System & Programming202
MEEN2216Computer System & Programming Lab011
PAKS1113Pakistan Studies202
MEEN2117Fluid Mechanics-I303
MEEN2217Fluid Mechanics-I Lab011
MEEN2218Thermodynamics-II Lab011
MEEN2119Mechanics of Materials-I303
ISLS1112Islamic Studies202
MATH2123Complex Variables & Transforms303
ENGL2111Technical Writing & Presentation Skills303
ELEN2109Electrical Engineering & Electronics303
ELEN2209Electrical Engineering & Electronics Lab011
STAT2132Engineering Statistics303
MEEN2120Mechanics of Materials-II303
MEEN2220Mechanics of Materials-II Lab011
MEEN3127Theory of Machines303
MEEN3227Theory of Machines Lab011
MEEN3128Fluid Mechanics-II303
MEEN3228Fluid Mechanics-II Lab011
MEEN3129Machine Design & CAD-I303
MEEN3229Machine Design & CAD-I Lab011
MSCI2112Engineering Economics202
MEEN3130Manufacturing Processes303
MEEN3230Manufacturing Processes Lab011
MATH3141Numerical Analysis & Computation303
MATH3241Numerical Analysis & Computation Lab011
MEEN3136Heat & Mass Transfer303
MEEN3236Heat & Mass Transfer Lab011
MEEN3137Precision Engineering & Metrology202
MEEN3237Precision Engineering & Metrology Lab011
MEEN3138Machine Design & CAD-II303
MEEN3238Machine Design & CAD-II Lab011
ABCDwxyzSocial Sciences / University Elective203
MEEN4147Internal Combustion Engines202
MEEN4247Internal Combustion Engines Lab011
MEEN4148Refrigeration & Air Conditioning303
MEEN4248Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Lab011
MEEN4149Mechanical Vibrations303
MEEN4249Mechanical Vibrations Lab011
MEEN4xyzTechnical Elective-I003
MEEN4396Project (Phase-I)033
MEEN4xyzManagement Elective303
MEEN4163Control Engineering202
MEEN4263Control Engineering Lab011
MEEN4xyzTechnical Elective-II003
MEEN4xyzTechnical Electives-III003
MEEN4397Project (Phase-II)033
Plan of Study
The curriculum for undergraduate programs is regularly revised and updated as per guidelines of Higher Education Commission of Pakistan and Pakistan Engineering Council keeping in view the requirement of the industry